Podiatry Medical Schools

The study of the foot & ankle.

Students must apply and be accepted by one of the nine schools in the country in order to begin the journey of becoming a Doctor of Podiatric Medicine or D.P.M. 

A student must go through 4 years of Podiatric Medical School and 3 years of residency in order to become a specialist in the diagnosis and treatment of the human foot. 

There are only nine Podiatry Medical Schools in the country, find out more about each one here. See if there is a school close by you can visit!

Student National Podiatric Medical Association.

Recognizing the challenges faced by minority students, the Student National Podiatric Medical Association (SNPMA) was established to identify and resolve relevant issues.

Each college of Podiatric Medicine has its own SNPMA Chapter which is under the oversight of the National Elected body.

Through the existence of SNPMA, a positive environment for professional interactions is developed and mentoring opportunities are cultivated.

Podiatry Web Sources

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